Welcome to Lørenskog Cup

Lørenskog Karate Klubb invites to Lørenskog Cup 2019

Place and time:

Lørenskoghallen, Sykehusveien 13, 1474 Nordbyhagen

Saturday 02. November 2019

Enrollment and registeration can be done here: https://forms.gle/vrDWik6NVDy552xY7

Deadline 25. Oktober 2019

For questions you can e-mail:kontakt@lorenskogkarate.no

Rules is based on Nowegian Martial Arts Assosciations rules for full contact karate. Rules can be read here:


Price and Payment

Kata and  Kumite

450 NOK per category for seniors

350 NOK per category for 13-18 year old.

Payment per invoice or cash on weigh in.